Salvation Mods TWINFACE

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Salvation Mods TWINFACE

26. 01. 2023 17:47  |  Hodnocení inzerátu: kladné hodnocení inzeratu (0)  |  Komentářů: 0

What’s the first amp you think of for clean tones? That’s what we thought. This is legendary American clean tone in a module. Both the Fender Twin and Deluxe amps are captured in this mod, so you can choose your favorite one! Besides this there is the Pushed mode, based on the Mesa pushed channels. The Pushed mode does what it says: clean tone pushed to fat singing overdrive!

ID inzerátu: 232156
Inzerent: Armin  |  Hodnocení uživatele: kladné hodnoceni recenzenta (1) / záporné hodnoceni recenzenta (0)
Region: Praha
E-mail: armineffenberger (zavináč) gmail.com
www: http://salvationaudio.com/index.php?page=twinface
Cena: 7500 CZK



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