Faderfox micromodul DJ4

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Faderfox micromodul DJ4

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Prodám tento modul. Puze vyzkoušený v záruce u Thomanna. Nový stál 229€

Special controller for DJ software (optimised for Native Instruments Traktor Pro)
iPad compatible with camera connection kit
Setup files for Traktor Pro and Ableton Live are shipped with the controller
USB interface - class compliant / no driver necessary
MIDI in and out ports with routing and merge functionality
Controls up to four decks – easy switching between deck A-C and B-D on the fly
Four FX slots available
4 multifunctional push encoders with detents switchable to 7 groups
24 colored buttons
All controls with double function by holding down the shift button
22 LEDs in different colors to display feedback informations
4 internal setups with various programmable functions
USB bus powering – consumption less than 500mW / 100mA
Very compact design in a black, plastic casing (desktop format)
Size 180 x 105 x 70 mm, weight 350 g
High-quality faders, pots and encoders from ALPS
New rubber knobs for best tactile feeling
Made in Germany by Faderfox

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Inzerent: raijin909  |  Hodnocení uživatele: kladné hodnoceni recenzenta (0) / záporné hodnoceni recenzenta (0)
Region: Brno
E-mail: raijin909 (zavináč) email.cz
www: http://www.faderfox.de/dj4.html
Cena: 5200 CZK



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